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Are you ready for real connections?

Human Connect connects people. And Human Connect is a great vision. And for this vision to become reality, many small steps are needed.

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Exclusive: Online Barcamp

Our monthly Online Barcamp offers the chance to meet new people, expand your network, and gather inspiration.

Connect, share and help

In our online community you can network, search for experts, ask you questions, share your results and insigts or just present yourself.

What it means to network

We understand the power of a supportive network and experience daily the opportunities and possibilities that arise through authentic connections!

Human Connect was born on a journey.

Many a time we find ourselves on a journey, be it to distant lands or on a journey to ourselves. We seek and hope to find, are motivated, driven, anxious, or hopeless. What makes such trips special in most cases? The travel partners!

Our vision

Truly connecting people at eye level! That’s what we’re standing up for. We are committed to helping people unleash their potential, bring their vision to the world, and thus contribute to an environment in which everyone can grow and develop. We believe in cooperation instead of competition and that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Our drive

We know the power of a supportive network and experience every day what opportunities and possibilities arise through authentic connections! Our hearts are big enough for us to share this with others. We want to be travel partners – in calm times as well as in stormy ones. Together, many things are easier.

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Frequently asked questions

Questions about the Human Connect Community? Wehave the answers:

It’s an online space for exchanging ideas, finding inspiration, and learning through internal classrooms and videos. Additionally, it offers an event calendar with our monthy online barcamp and live events.
An online barcamp is a virtual event that operates similarly to a live event. Participants briefly introduce themselves, propose topics, and vote on them. There are various sessions in breakout rooms where attendees can switch freely. At the end, there’s a recap and networking opportunities. It offers the chance to meet new people, expand your network, and gather inspiration.

Upon clicking the “Join” button, you’ll be directed to the community. There, click on “Join Group” and answer a few brief questions. We’ll promptly grant you access to the Human Connect Community.

Afterward, you’ll automatically receive an email leading you directly to the community.

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