This is Human Connect

An idea that began in Peru and that has come to fruition with the help of the right people.

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Human Connect was born on a journey.

Many a time we find ourselves on a journey, be it to distant lands or on a journey to ourselves. We seek and hope to find, are motivated, driven, anxious, or hopeless. What makes such trips special in most cases? The travel partners!

Our vision

Truly connecting people at eye level! That’s what we’re standing up for. We are committed to helping people unleash their potential, bring their vision to the world, and thus contribute to an environment in which everyone can grow and develop. We believe in cooperation instead of competition and that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Our drive

We know the power of a supportive network and experience every day what opportunities and possibilities arise through authentic connections! Our hearts are big enough for us to share this with others. We want to be travel partners – in calm times as well as in stormy ones. Together, many things are easier.

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The team

These individuals stand behind Human Connect and provide more authentic and heartfelt connections.
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Alekos Behrens

City Host
Structure & IT
Core Team

Antonia Gödecke

Event Manager
Head of City Hosts
Core Team
I am an expert in moments that will remain in your memory - Eventmanagement & Photography

Arianna Caserta


Carina Ehrnhöfer

City Host
Social Media Team
Core Team
Bringing mindfulness and power to businesses, people and events

Christina Schmautz

City Host
I support world-changers & pioneers in conveying their vision to the world with a clear and compelling message.

Claudia Conradi

City Host
Effectiveness expert for your customer acquisition and sales for more impact, more fun, and more cash flow.

About the City Connect Events

"I am always amazed at the expertise that is in the room at City Connect events and the sessions that are offered! Through our barcamp format, we create massive value for everyone involved and I love it when participants become givers and people learn and benefit from each other!"

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Carina Ehrnhöfer
City Host Vienna
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