It's time for Human Connect!

We know what we’re really good at. Namely, bringing people together – and the right people!
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Human Connect connects people. And Human Connect is a great vision. And for this vision to become reality, many small steps are needed.

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City Events

Meet new people, share knowledge or contribute your expertise. Here you will find personal and professional development that promotes your growth.

Online community

In our online community you can network, search for experts, present yourself or promote your own events.


Build your network that supports you! Find new cooperation partners, customers or future friends. Who knows what will come of it?

About the City Connect Events

"I am always amazed at the expertise that is in the room at City Connect events and the sessions that are offered! Through our barcamp format, we create massive value for everyone involved and I love it when participants become givers and people learn and benefit from each other!"
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Carina Ehrnhöfer
City Host Vienna
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The brains behind Human Connect

For a vision to become reality, it takes a strong team, helping hands and active implementation. Who contributes to the success of Human Connect:

Impressions from our events

It is our concern to make people more visible. We take the best photographers and videographers and bring them to our events to show you in the best light! Of course, you can also use the recordings for yourself.

More advantages

What else is important to us besides authentic communication, win-win networking at eye level, transformation and self-determination?


Communication and active knowledge sharing that promotes your growth.


Global Community

Networking with enriching and interesting people around the globe.


Gain knowledge

Learn new things and experience exactly what you need to move forward.


Further development

Impulses that serve your personal and professional development.

Always informed!

We’ll provide you with information and updates about our community and events. Sign up now:

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Frequently asked questions

Questions? Give it to us! We’ll answer the most important ones here:

We are in the process of rolling out Human Connect globally. You can find current dates on our event page. Is your city not yet included? Feel free to contact us! We are always looking for city hosts and eager to bring our events to your city!

Yes! There are several ways to do this:

You can visit our City Connect events and meet new people, get impulses or share your knowledge.
If you would like to host City Events in your city, please apply to become a City Host.
We are also happy about all those who would like to enrich our team. Send us a message about what you can and would like to contribute to Human Connect – and we’ll get back to you.

City Connect are live events in your city where we connect people on a deeper level. We are all about co-creation, further development and mutual support. We work with selected formats so that really everyone can benefit. Our events are facilitated by City Hosts who guide you through the event and set the stage for growth.

And Human Connect is our bigger vision. An umbrella, a platform, a community and a fundamental attitude for which we stand and which we will nourish and fill with the most diverse activities in the future.