Find out how you can build a successful coaching business with community-based ONLINE COURSE SUBSCRIPTIONS that will give you enthusiastic Fans and a good PASSIVE INCOME every day!

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Meike Hohenwarter

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Enough customers

You became a coach because you feel a deep desire to do something good, to help people and to make the world a better place. But most coaches are up to their necks! And then there are a few coaches who have enough clients and make a good living from their business. How do they do that?

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Facebook ist not community

An enthusiastic community is a bubbling source of new customers and good income, but even though almost every coach has a Facebook group, that doesn’t mean that there is really a community here. A real community is something completely different than what most people believe!

3 Meike

Your successful business

You became a coach because you want to coach and not because you want to try out new marketing strategies every day! Instead of desperately chasing after the last pig that is being driven through the village, I will show you how you can build your successful coaching business sustainably and step by step!

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About Meike

Meike Hohenwarter is a mentor for effective online business and marketing strategies and is regarded as the leading expert for online courses in the DACH region. Under the motto “Live Your Full Potential – Turn Your Knowledge Into Money,” the digital strategist has guided over 500 trainers, consultants, and coaches in the past 10 years to start and further develop successful online businesses on the web.

Meike Hohenwarter does not promise overnight success but teaches consistent, sustainable business development. As a result, her mentees achieve steadily increasing passive income, gain higher recognition as experts, and are able to help many more people than before.

With well over 100 successfully marketed online courses, a following of over 60,000 participants, and an average rating of over 4.5 out of 5 stars for her online courses, Meike Hohenwarter is now regarded as the “Online Course Queen.” She also shares her knowledge and extensive experience in her books. Her speeches are highly sought after in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, even at offline and hybrid events. As a keynote speaker, Meike Hohenwarter is a regular presence at events such as the International Marketing Congress (IMK) and the Online Marketing Congress (OMKO).

Meike Hohenwarter

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Top experts in their fields will show you their insights, tips and hacks on how you can become successful and live the life you dreamed of!

Learn from the very best

We don’t invite just anyone, but the best, who will show you how to do it

Optimize your business and life

Whether for your business or your private life, here you will find what you are looking for

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Very few have become successful on their own. This is about support and community – together we grow faster

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Frequently asked questions

Questions about the Human Connect Expert Talk? We have the answers:

We invite the best of the best to the Expert Talks. People who have made it – both privately and professionally, so you can learn from them and be inspired.

No. Anyone can take part and our expert talks are for free. The only thing you have to do is register and note the date in your calendar.

Expert talks take place approximately every 6 weeks. You can always find the next dates on our homepage or register for our newsletter.

The expert talks take place online. After you register, you will receive the access link from us.